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This section contains all the information you should know about WIWE and mobile application above ECG recording (learn more) and pedometer (learn more) functions.


Things to do before using WIWE

A) In case of normal recording

After unpacking WIWE, you need to download (you can do it here) the necessary mobile application, and pair your mobile and the WIWE.  After that, turn on WIWE with the power button on the top right side of the device, then in case of proper battery charge you can use it immediately.


B) In case of occasional recording

When your mobile phone is not available, you can also take an occasional recording. By occasional recording use only the WIWE during recording in which case the data is stored on the device itself. You will be able to check the evaluation of this recording (identified with a time stamp), when you do the next synchronization with your mobile phone.


Downloading and setting up the application

WIWE is ready to use after creating your profile and pairing your mobile phone and the WIWE through Bluetooth connection. It is suggested for you to make a profile, but you have the possibility to take recordings anonymously, independently of your profile.


Pairing phone and WIWE

- Both the WIWE and your mobile phone need to be turned on to set up the connection.

- Turn on the Bluetooth connection on your phone.

- Push the I/O button to turn on the WIWE. If it connects properly with your phone then the application will detect the WIWE automatically in the future in case of a new recording.

- You can pair the WIWE and your mobile phone later as well, when you start a new recording.

- Throughout pairing the WIWE and your phone need to be in range of each other for the Bluetooth connection.


Before usage

Please, check the following conditions before each recording with WIWE to ensure proper operation:

  • The integrity of the device. Make sure that the product is in good condition and not damaged.
  • The sensors have to be clean.
  • The state of the battery.

When all 4 LEDs are glowing on the top of the device, then it is fully charged. The glowing of 1 LED means that the battery is charged for 25%. If there are less than 2 LEDs glowing, then you need to charge the device before usage. (For detailed instructions about charging, please check the corresponding chapter).

What you need to do if you experience issues in the device’s performance or functioning.

The WIWE is designed for long-lasting, proper performance. If you have any complaints, please contact our Customer Service. (info@sanatory.hu).

Effects related to home usage

WIWE requires the same treatment as any other electronic home device. Please, do not store it in wet environment. Avoid strong electromagnetic fields, do not put WIWE on speakers, microwave ovens or close to similar electronic devices. It does not require any special storage and handling procedures.

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