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Physical activity

Short physical activity that raises your heart beat for better circulation

To avoid circulatory diseases first you have to focus on the healthy nutrition and it is also worth to give up harmful passions! However, this might not be sufficient, mainly if you live a sedentary way of life. In this case doing a daily physical activity that throbs your heart can contribute to protect your cardiovascular system.

What happens during an intensive physical activity in your body?

As an effect of physical activity the capillaries get opened, the limbs and the heart are doing a more intensive work which increases the oxygen supply of muscles. This effects the whole body and its circulation, which is the least you can do for your cardiovascular system. 

It is enough if you adapt any easily accessible cardio activity in your daily schedule, such as the following ones: hearty walk, nordic walking, swimming, cycling, jogging. Many people think that they do not need physical activity because they are in a rush, working all day long. But we have to understand that not all kind of activities can increase circulation. We can be sure it’s cardio activity we’re doing if our heart beats faster, our pulse rate is higher and our breathing is accelerated.

Regular physical activity and its effects on our body:

  • slows down the taper of arteries in the heart and in the brain (you can learn more about heart diseases here),
  • makes the body consume its superfluous and accumulated fat, which is necessary also in losing weight,
  • optimizes the cholesterol (you can learn more here) by increasing the amount of good cholesterol (HDL) in the blood,
  • maintains the normal blood glucose, helps with diabetes,
  • decreases the high blood pressure,
  • helps to quit smoking.

Doing physical activities to beat menopause

Regular physical activity helps to minimize the extent of chemical equilibrium breakup (called also chemical stress) due to menopause and thereby decreases the risks for heart diseases and cerebral attack.

Medicines containing estrogen are often applied as treatment to the symptoms of menopause. This increases the risks for hemorrhagic stroke, heart attack and breast cancer. After menopause the oxidation stress reaches a high level in the body of women. This happens when the amount of oxidants that damage cells are more than the amount of antioxidants protecting the cells. Doing physical activity once in a week increases the level of oxidation stress, while doing regular training of moderate intensity will decrease oxidation stress. That is why instead of using the hormone replacement therapy (HRT), many people decide to do regular physical activities. This is proved by a study which examined 48 women in menopause. They participated in 3 aerobic lessons per week, for a total 24 weeks. 21 of them took hormone replacement medicines, 27 of them did not. Independent of medicine taking, the compound responsible for oxidation stress in the blood fall off by 11-18 %.

Preserve the youth of your heart

A healthy heart is necessary for living a complete life. Appropriate nutrition, physical activity of suggested intensity and avoiding smoking will probably prevent you from the development of heart attack (you can learn more about heart diseases here) and stroke (you can learn more here), and help you to preserve the health of your heart. Your heart is a muscle that needs regular training to be able to pump effectively from heartbeat to heartbeat.

Let’s see some useful tips how to apply physical activity in your everyday life:

  • If you don’t go far, instead of driving, walk.
  • In case of a smaller shopping, go on foot and put on the pace.
  • If you have a dog, go out with him every day: a half an hour walk will be good for you, too.
  • During vacation, swim a bit beside relaxing or splashing!
  • Take a short walk even in bad weather.
  • There is a solution even if the weather isn’t good: watch your fitness DVD and do refreshing exercises!
  • If you don’t have enough time, you can also do some exercises on a stationary bicycle, stair stepper or treadmill while watching TV.
  • Try to make physical activities attractive for yourself: ask your partner/ friend/ colleague to go and train together. 

To increase your circulation at home

When exercising at home, make sure your whole body moves for at least 30 minutes. Vary the following:

  • Breathing: Breath out after an inhalation that makes your chest rise in a visible way.
  • Do Goose-steps.
  • Stretch and walk on tiptoe.
  • Pull up your knees and lift your legs in all directions alternately (repeat it 10-20 times for each leg).

Lay down on your bed, pull up your legs and do „cycling”, draw circles with your legs, „scissors” movements (repeat each one 10-20 times for each leg alternately)

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