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A pedometer is a portable electronic or electromechanical device, which counts the steps you take by detecting the movement of your hands or hips.

The WIWE device has a built-in pedometer function, too (you can learn more here about the ECG recording function).

It’s enough to carry the WIWE (you can learn more here about usage) with you and thanks to its accelerometer while in sleep mode WIWE will continuously count the steps you take.

  • Stores your data on a daily / weekly / monthly / yearly breakdown and summarizes the distance you have taken
  • It calculates the calories you have burned
  • You can follow your activity on graphs and pie charts shown by fixed figures or percent sign.


Depending on how much you have reached compared to your goal (10.000 steps is the daily advised number), in the mid of the pie chart there will appear a picture of barefoot/slippers/sandals/shoes/training shoes. 


Shows motivating milestones


To have a more accurate functioning, give detailed personal information in the application (gender, age, height, weight).

From the given data the application calculates the BMR and BMI.

BMR means Bassal Metabolic Rate. This is the amount of energy (in calories, you can learn more about it here) which your body burns (uses) during resting (status without any physical effort) for the maintenance of physiological functions. This is 60-70% of our daily calorie need. It includes breathing, heart beating, sweating, the maintenance of body temperature and functioning of other organs, etc.

BMI (Body Mass Index=rate of body weight and height) By measuring Body Mass Index, sport and nutritional doctors and experts can determine the extent of obesity and by that the possible risks for your health. 

Daily goal: When you determine your daily goal, the number of steps, the distance and the burned calories will appear. If you set any target data, the other two data will be assigned automatically.


You will get an automatic message when you reach 80% or 100% of your goal and in case you get a new hint.


To follow your current activity (you can learn more about physical activities here), you will recieve actual hints in the form of automatic messages.

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