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General terms and conditions


WIWE device, application, website and online shop

The following Conditions of Use contain terms for the use of WIWE device, application, website and online shop, which conditions shall be accepted when using the device, application, website and online shop.

The owner of WIWE device, application, website and online shop is Sanatory Med Hungary Kft. (registered office: 7912 Nyugotszenterzsébet, Szabadság utca 39., hereinafter referred to as: Operator), which company operates the website and the online shop as well.

Information may be requested about the structure, mechanism and content of the WIWE device, application, website and online shop; for comments please contact the Operator: info@sanatory.hu

Provisions on Data Protection

Our services require no registration, allowing visitors access our website and online shop without revealing their identity and use the WIWE device with the related application.

However, when using the online shop, filling in certain data fields (name, shipping address…) is essential for smooth delivery. Personal information provided voluntarily enables the use of the online shop.

Sanatory Med Hungary Kft. respects website visitors' right to personal data protection, and shall exclusively store personal data after providing visitors information on data management and use (its method, objective, duration, and the scope of persons entitled to data access), and only in case the visitor provided the personal information voluntarily, or it is necessary for using the service provided by the website, or it is required by legislation.

When managing and processing personal data, Operator shall act according to Hungarian data protection legislation and government recommendations as published in "Privacy Policy" on the website.

Using personal data contained on this website in a way other than stated in this point constitutes an abuse of personal information.


Data and information contained in the device, application, website and online shop are the exclusive property of Sanatory Med Hungary Kft, or is used with the express permission of the copyright and/or the trademark owner. Copying, distributing, transmitting, outsourcing, linking or changing the page is only possible with the prior written permission of Sanatory Med Hungary Kft., otherwise it is strictly prohibited.

For breaching any points hereby constitutes a violation of copyright, trademarks or other intellectual property rights and User may be held liable under the Civil Code or the Criminal Code.

The website contains material, logo and other information protected by copyright, including but not limited to text, technical specifications, technical drawings, software, photos, video, graphics and music. The full content of the website is covered by collective protection according to Hungarian copyright legislation. Sanatory Med Hungary Kft. owns all copyrights to selecting the content, layout and distribution, as well as copyrights in connection with the original content.

User is not entitled to modify, publish, transmit, participate in the transmission or sale of copyrights, in whole or in part, or create a new product based on copyrights or use them.


Operator is not liable for any damages - caused to the users of the device and the application on the website or the online shop - which result from accessing and using the device, the application, the website and the online shop or are not attributable to any default of the Operator.

In case Operator displays any content on the website provided by a third party, Operator shall indicate the name of the provider, and/or create a link to the provider's website/place an external contact reference. Operator shall not be held responsible for any external content, their accuracy, change, defect or fault in the links. At the request of the authorized provider, Operator shall delete or modify the links to external content.

WIWE descriptions, recommendations and any other information, illustration or other reference, has been provided with utmost care, based on practical and experimental results and experience. However, Sanatory Med Hungary Kft. shall not in any way be made responsible for any damages resulting from the use of descriptions, recommendations or illustrations. The manufacturer is not able to monitor compliance with the Instructions for Use, or the appropriate measuring conditions, or methods for the operation, or the use and maintenance of WIWE. Therefore, the manufacturer assumes no responsibility and shall not be held responsible for any damages, financial loss, or personal injury resulting from inaccurate measurement results, unprofessional or faulty operation or from improper use and maintenance, or any other cause in connection with the ones listed above. Responsibility of Sanatory Med Hungary Kft. as contained in the guarantee shall not cover claims arising from damages during transport, or damages resulting directly or indirectly from the use of approved spare parts or accessories. To learn more about warranty please see Warranty and Terms of Shipping and Payment in the menu.

Material included in WIWE's User Manual is for informational purposes only. The manufacturer reserves the right to make modifications to WIWE without prior notice due to the continuous development of programmes. The product is not considered defective due to the fact that later a product with increased security and greater accuracy is placed on the market. Sanatory Med Hungary Kft. is not liable for any damage, cost or expense resulting from the use of WIWE, whether they are indirect, direct, consequential or unique damages.

Miscellaneous provisions

Operator is entitled to modify the present Conditions of Use at any time. Therefore, monitoring the Conditions of Use is the responsibility of the User. Modifications and changed Conditions of Use shall be effective as of the date of their publication on the website.

Descriptions in the guide of the WIWE application are for informational purposes only. The manufacturer reserves the right to modify WIWE without prior notice due to the continuous development of programmes.

User understands and accepts that Sanatory Med Hungary Kft. is entitled to modify the WIWE application as well as the General Terms and Conditions (including all instructions, rules or guidelines) any time and in any way. These modifications are not mandatory and not required, so it is not possible to determine the exact date.

Partial nullity

If the policy or any provision of a document governing the legal relationship is invalid or becomes invalid, all additional sections remain valid (partial nullity). If the reason for nullity is caused by a subsequent change in legislation or by the decision of any authority or court, the invalid section is replaced by a provision most suitable for the contractual provision.

Dispute settlement

Events of Force Majeure

Sanatory Med Hungary shall not be held liable for partial performance or non-performance of contractual obligations if such non-performance is a result of unavoidable circumstances. A circumstance is considered unavoidable when after the effective date of this contract unforeseeable and unavoidable events arise beyond the control of either Party. The following events considered Force Majeure, but not limited to war, earthquake, fire, labour disputes, explosions, general material and fuel shortage, complete or partial outage of telecom networks, internet networks or computer networks.  The Party suffering the Force Majeure shall notify the other Party of the occurrence of the Force Majeure or of its termination- if not otherwise hindered from doing so - within 8 days.

Any dispute arising in connection with WIWE shall be settled by negotiations in accordance with governing dispute settlement principles. If any dispute cannot be settled by negotiations, provisions of Hungarian law shall prevail for procedural and substantive terms.

Such rights can be exercised at the contact below:

Mailing address:Sanatory Med Hungary Limited Liability Company, H-7912 Nyugotszenterzsébet, Szabadság utca 39.


In case of a question or comment related to data management please contact Sanatory Med Hungary Kft. at the above contact information.

In case of any objection Customer is entitled to seek legal remedy or file a complaint to the following authority:

Name: National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information

Registered office: 1024 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet Ave. 22/C

Postal address: 1530 Budapest P.O.Box 5.

Website: www. naih.hu

Delivery and payment terms and conditions of Wiwe

Company data:

Company name: Sanatory Med Hungary Kft.
Registered seat: H-7912 Nyugotszenterzsébet, Szabadság utca 39.
Company registration number: 02-09-083081
recording court of registration: 
Statistical number: 
Tax number  25808238-2-02
Bank account number: 11713177-21374371

Acceptance of the general terms and conditions

1. The user shall accept the term and conditions of the present General Terms and Conditions (GTC) in the course of registration or purchasing (in both cases), if the user wishes to use the services of the webshop, then the user shall accept the terms and conditions of this GTC, which the user may execute by selecting the relevant box on the form. If the terms and conditions of the GTC are accepted, a contract according to the GTC is concluded between the Service Provider and the user of the webshop.
2. If the user refuses to accept the terms and conditions of the GTC, then the user cannot use the services of the webshop. He/she cannot register and cannot place and order as well.

Selection of the product

The online purchase is carried outh through the www.sanatory.hu homepage. The customer may select, order products from those displayed on the homepage. The customer ay view the more detailed presentation and information of the product by clicking on the selected product. If the customer wishes to purchase it, the customer may place the product he/she wishes to buy in the virtual Basket by clicking on the “To the Basket” button. If the customer would like to review the contents of the Basket, the total of the invoice or the delivery cost, the customer may do so by clicking on the “View” button. There the customer may check, change and correct the order. The availability of the product is indicated by the icon next to the picture.

Submitting the order

If you are satisfied with the contents of the “Basket” and decide to purchase, after checking the order click on the “Pay” button. For the execution of the order you may register on the homepage, but it is not compulsory for the purchase. If you register, then upon your next purchases you may follow up on the previous orders and your data will automatically appear on the form.

In case of purchase without registration, please enter your data on the the automatically appearing surface. (Name, invoicing address delivery address, telephone number, e-mail address.)

At the next step you have opportunity to select the method of delivery (delivery service determined by Sanatory Med Hungary Kft.) and payment (bank card, PayPal, cash on delivery).

After selecting the appropriate parameters, for submitting the order please click on the “Order” button. Following clicking on this button your order is forwarded to the delivery service previously selected.

Simultaneously with filling out and submitting the order form appearing on the internet webshop screen the Buyer accepts and considers binding to himself/herself the present Purchasing terms and conditions.



Our prices are the listing prices valid at the time of the order, on the exchange rate valid at that time (USD, €, HUF),which are located in the webshop next to the products. The prices are gross prices, include the VAT, however, the prices do not include delivery costs. The delivery costs are available on the “Cash Desk” page, as well as in the table of the “Delivery terms” menu item. The delivery cost also appears automatically after clicking on the “Pay” button.

We reserve to the right to modification for any errors (in prices, product description, etc.) that may appear on the homepage. In such case, after noticing the error we notify the buyer immediately. Them depending on the errors clients (buyer and also Sanatory Med Hungary Kft.) have the option to confirm or refuse the purchase, i.e. partners may withdraw from the contract unilaterally.

Processing the orders, Confirmation

The orders sent are processed within 1 working day.

We notify the customer of all orders received via the e-mail address provided. This is an automatic e-mail, the customer does not have to answer it. If no confirmation e-mailis received within  working days, please notify us of this via any of the contacts specified on our website.

Payment conditions and payment methods

For the purchase made through the webshop you may pay by bank card.

Through bank card payment you may purchase in our webshop comfortably and safely. Following the order of the selected products we redirect you to the webpage of OTP Bank where you can pay with your bank card through the transaction used by the Bank, currently deemed the safest, and carried out with encryption. You just have to choose the “Online bank card payment” option when selectingthe payment method, then provide the number of the card, the expiry date and the three-digit security code on the payment server of OTP Bank. OTP Bank accepts VISA, VISA Electron, V-Pay, MasterCard, Maestro and JCB type card.

We are able to accept bank card issued exclusively for electronic use if the use thereof is approved by the bank that issued the card! Please ask your bank whether your card can be used for purchases made on the internet

After successful purchase OTP Bank issues an authorization number on the transaction, which is worth to note or to print the entire page. In case of unsuccessful transaction OTP Bank specifies the reason of the error in an error message.

The buyer receives a confirmation on the fulfilment of the payment.

If the buyer cannot pay the purchase price of the delivered product, or the product cannot be handed over due to any reason not attributable to the seller, the buyer shall be obliged to pay the costs incurred by the seller related to making the product available and the delivery.

Buyer receives the invoice together with the product upon delivery.


By accepting the commercial conditions the client states that he/or she is of age. The delivery of the consignments is carried out by GLS Hungária Kft. in Hungary. This may differ by country in case of purchase abroad (TNT or GLS). You may check this in the Delivery cost table of the “Delivery terms” item. You may acquire information on the expected delivery date of the consignment from the automatically sent confirmation e-mail or the at our customer service by providing the number of the delivery note.

Withdrawal from the delivery

If the webshop fails to perform its obligation assumed in contract because the product specified in the contract is not available, or it is not able to provide the product ordered, it shall notify the client thereof.

Return of a product

We are able to take back any returned product only in its original condition and packaging, in full quantitative, qualitative, resalable condition.



We summarized below the useful information on returning and the process thereof. Please get information on the opportunities, thus we will be able to handle the returned product fast, flexible and in a way that is the most convenient to you.

Right to withdrawal

If your rather not keep the product/products received, then you may withdraw from the purchase within 14 days of the receipt without the obligation to provide justification, and may send back the product.

Indicating intention to return

If you would like to exercise your right to withdrawal, then please provide us with your unambiguous statement on your intention to withdraw as soon as possible. The product shall also be returned to us within 14 days of the receipt thereof. If you have a chance, please indicate your intention to withdraw in writing. Thank you!


We confirm your statement including the data of your intention to withdraw via e-mail without delay. If you have a chance, please indicate your bank account number as well, so we can transfer the amount of the returned product as soon as possible. The product shall be sent back to us within 14 days of the receipt thereof to this address: Sanatory Med Hungary Kft., H-7912 Nyugotszenterzsébet, Szabadság utca 39.

Our webshop pays back the price of the product within 14 days of receiving the returned product. It is important to note that the cost incurred in returning the product shall be borne by your, therefore you shall pay the costs of returning the product to the address of Sanatory Med Hungary Kft. címére (Sanatory Med Hungary Kft., H-7912 Nyugotszenterzsébet, Szabadság utca 39.), however, you have no additional payment obligation. Our company cannot receive packages sent with cash on arrival!

Warranty, guarantee


Seller guarantees that the product ordered on the website www.sanatory.hu are free from any material or production defects.


In case of lack of conformity of the company operating the webshop you may enforce claims of warranty against the business entity according to the rules of the Hungarian Civil Code.

After receiving the product buyer shall inspect the product and notify any eventual defect to the repair service. If the product purchased is in a technically objectionable condition (incomplete, broken, not working or does not work appropriately) the buyer can return the product within 14 days of the receipt thereof.

The liability assumed in guarantee of Sanatory Med Hungary Kft. does not extend to the damages occurring during delivery, or to any damages arising directly, indirectly or consequently from the use of replacement parts or accessories not approved.

In case manufacturer’s defect is verified the product will be replaced automatically. The products returned after 14 days will be forwarded to the repair service of Sanatory Med Hungary Kft.

Sanatory Med Hungary Kft – as distributor and manufacturer – undertakes 24-month warranty from the issue date of the WARRANTY CERTIFICATE for the WIWE product distributed and manufactured by it (according to Government decree Nr. 151/2003 (IX.22.)) The claim for warranty may be exercised by presenting simultaneously the WARRANTY CERTIFICATE and the original invoice.

The claim for warranty shall be made in writing (via e-mail or letter) by buyer to the repair service. The product shall not be used from the first notice of the defect until the completion of the repair. Seller shall not be made liable for damages in any way occurred due to the continued use of the defective product.

The warranty shall become void in the following instances:

  • If the defect was caused by improper use: accident wilful damage, damages caused by household and other animals, not regular cleaning and cleaning with improper cleaning supplies, modification, unprofessional handling, improper storage, acts of God, overuse.
  • If the rules of the user’s manual are not observed.
  • It also causes the loss of the guarantee if the manufacturing number, guarantee label intended to identify the product are removed, overwritten, or damaged.
  • If the defect was caused improper storage, direct sunlight, extreme temperature, corrosion, dirt, sand, high humidity, water or other liquid, acts of God.
  • If the manufacturing number is not the same as the number indicated on the warranty certificate.
  • If the defects of the equipment were caused by external mechanical or chemical effects.
  • The guarantee applies to the first buyer only, it cannot be transferred.

In order to prevent improper handling we include a user’s manual. Please observe the provisions thereof, as we do not undertake warranty for any use different from as specified in the user’s manual, the repair cost of these shall be borne by buyer even during the warranty period.

The cost of returning the product shall be borne by buyer if the product is sent back due to the reason specified above.

Complaint management

Mailing address: Sanatory Med Hungary Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság, H-7912 Nyugotszenterzsébet, Szabadság utca 39.


The Client may turn to the colleagues of Sanametal Kft. with any question or comment related to purchasing through the above contact details.

In case of any objection the client may seek legal remedy from or make a complaint to the following authority:

Name: Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (Nemzeti Adatvédelmi és Információszabadság Hatóság)

Registered seat: H-1024 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/C.

Postal address: 1530 Budapest, Pf.: 5.

Homepage: www.naih.hu

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