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Frequently Asked Questions

Issues related to devide

What do we call WIWE?

WIWE consists of two parts: WIWE itself is the medical device with which you take the recording, and the application set up on your mobile/ tablet. 

What can WIWE be used for?

WIWE can be used with a mobile application to record single-channel electrocardiogram (ECG).

The recording itself takes only 60 seconds.

The application is capable of showing the entire recorded ECG wave. Furthermore, it can detect heart rate fluctuation and, in severe cases, atrial fibrillation (AF) that is shown by the ventricular heterogenety (VH) results.

It can measure the Blood oxygen level and the Heart rate.

It has other built-in functions, such as a pedometer and a calorie counter.

Can WIWE predict a heart attack?

No, WIWE is not meant for predicting heart attacks. It is capable of calculating the risks of a possible Atrial Fibrillation and Ventricular Heterogenity, which can lead to a Stroke or a Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

What is the difference between a heart attack and a sudden cardiac death?

Sudden Cardiac Death is an unforeseen, natural death caused by Sudden Cardiac Arrest, emerging independently of age and other conditions. At the same time, heart attack is myocardial necrosis caused by circulation disorder.

To detect heart attack multi-channel electrocardiogram is need to be done simultaneously. Heart attack is not detectable by single-channel electrocardiogram (ECG) which is the main function of WIWE.

How accurate is WIWE?

WIWE detected Atrial Fibrillation  with more than 98% accuracy out of 10 000 measured ECG waves.

What functions can be offered for people interested in fitness and sport? For what can they use the measured data?

There is a built-in pedometer, capable of counting steps, distance and burnt calories. To measure this latter one there is a built-in acceleration sensor.

Using the measured data charts can show you broad picture of your activity, not to mention the interesting milestones for motivation.

Is my data stored safely?

The application saves the results and stores them on your phone. No data will be sent or stored anywhere else, so only you can share them, if you want to.

How much data can be stored?

The amount of data stored depends on the capacity of the smartphone or tablet.

One user profile can contain 1000 ECG recordings.

Will this work with my tablet or smartphone?

WIWE works with a couple of Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Where can I get more information on the warranty, service, batteries, storage and disposal of WIWE?

You can get more information concerning these topics either in the applications info section or on the website through the following link here.

How often do I need to recharge WIWE?

When WIWE is fully charged - in this case 4 green LEDs are glowing -  it can take approximately 100 recordings.

When there are 2 or less leds glowing on WIWE, you need to charge it.

You can charge the device using a microUSB cable (included). Whilst charging, one red LED will glow until WIWE’s fully charged.

Can WIWE get out of order? How will I recognize when it has gone wrong?

The glowing of the red error signaling LED indicates that the ECG signals are not stable or low. In this case please repeat the recording. 

What happens if I have dropped down WIWE? How fragile is it? Is the surface scratch-resistant?

From this point of wiew WIWE requires the same carefullness as your smartphone or tablet which runs the application.

Do I have to clean the surface of WIWE?

The device is not water-proof, it can be cleaned with soft, clean cloth. 

Questions about using WIWE

Where can I find instructions on how to use WIWE?

Instructions for using WIWE can be found on the website's Support page in the "How to get started?" section. There is also a Getting started guide in the application which walks you through the first steps needed for using WIWE.

Can anyone use WIWE?

Anyone can use WIWE to record ECG, although the algorithm which calculates the risks is optimized for at least 18 year old adults. Considering this, the evaluation for anyone younger than 18 won’t be 100% correct.

Can I use WIWE on multiple family members?

Yes, of course, your family members can use it too.

With WIWE you can create different user profiles in the application, so you can store data separately.

When to use WIWE and how many times?

Please take recordings 3 times a week in case the measured data is in the the normal value range. 

Should your results often show data out of the normal value range or should you experience fast heart beating, fluttering in the chest, shortness of breath, it is recommended to take a measurement with WIWE which you should send to your doctor along with a description of your symptoms.

In case the following symptoms are severe, please seek medical advice first before taking a measurement with WIWE.

How can I get the recordings I made to my doctor?

You can send your ECG recording to your doctor through the built-in share function in the application.

Also, you can send your ECG recordings to anyone else from your smartphone’s contact list or you can type in a new e-mail address.

Do I have to use a smartphone or a tablet by all means?

You will only need WIWE to take recordings, it will store the data in its own memory.

To check the results you will need to use the WIWE application, which you can download to many Android and iOS devices for free.

Do I need internet connection or Wi-Fi to use WIWE?

No, the communication between your phone/tablet and WIWE is using Bluetooth, so you won’t need internet connection. Your results will be stored on the phone/tablet.

If you want to share your recordings though, you will need some kind of internet connection.

What is the maximum distance the Bluetooth can be used for?

It is suggested that you place your phone at least 30 cms (cca. 1 ft) distance from WIWE during recording.

During the usage of the application the distance between WIWE and phone/tablet should be maximum 10 meters (cca. 33 ft).

What should I do if the recording doesn't start or the battery is flat?

If the recording doesn’t start, then you need to check, if Bluetooth is on and your phone or tablet is connected to WIWE.

When this part is done, please follow the instructions the application gives you.

If the battery is flat, you can charge WIWE with a microUSB cable. A red LED will show that it’s charging until it switches off.

In what posture should I use WIWE?

Recording is suggested to be carried out in relaxed circumstances. If possible, during the recording sit relaxed, breath steadily, don’t speak or move. Any muscle movement might disturb the recording process.

I have a pacemaker, can I use WIWE?

Users with pacemakers can use WIWE safely, it won’t disturb the accuracy of the recording and neither will the WIWE disturb your pacemaker.

How long is a recording? Can I use WIWE for continous monitoring?

One recording takes 60 seconds, which is enough time to make significant results.

WIWE cannot be used for continuous monitoring, it is meant to record short ECG waves.

What is the maximum heart rate you can measure with WIWE?

There is no known limit in the recording of the heart rate, so WIWE can give accurate results in the highest pulse threshold, too.

What should I do if my results differ from the normal values?

If there is yellow sign on the evaluation screen, please repeat the recording within 5 minutes. 

If there is red sign on the evaluation screen, please repeat the recording immediatelly. If the sign shows red again, contact your practitioner.

Questions about the application

How can I download the application?

The application is free to download from the App Store for mobiles /tablets working with iOS sytsem or Google Play for mobiles/tablets working with Android system.

How can I set up the application?

When you start the application you need to create a user profile, at least with your name. You have the option to take the recording anonymously, as well. 

For you to get the most accurate results out of the functions, you need to give as much personal details as you can throughout the creating of the profile or in the profile menu.

After these the application is ready to use, you can get further instructions from the application or our website.

How can I take a recording?

In the application you need to choose „New recording”.

Please follow the instructions and turn on the WIWE device. You need to make sure that Bluetooth connection is turned on on your smartphone /tablet.

You need to choose the WIWE device out of the available devices.

After these please follow the instructions given to you and start the recording.

How can I share a recording?

You can share the recording from the evulation screen.

Getting into the share function, you can choose from existing contacts or you can type in a new one. In the latter case you have to give the person’s name and e-mail address or you can add one from your contact list.

How can I use/ set up the pedometer?

To use the pedometer you’ll need the accelaration sensor built-in the WIWE, so you need to have WIWE with you.

You can switch on the pedometer in the settings menu of the application.

The function itself and the measured data/results are accessible in the data menu/fitness. 

How many profiles can the application handle?

The number of profiles created on the application is not limited, it depends only on the capacity of your phone/tablet. 

Can I log into my profile with my Goole+ or Facebook profile?

Yes, you have the possibility to log into your profile with your Facebook or Google+ profile. 

Is it possible for me that  - for example - the rexordings of my grandma are uploaded into my Google Drive profile?

The Cloud service is not yet implemented in the application, but you can easily share the recordings automatically with the chosen peolpe in e-mail format by setting it up in the „share” funcion.

In which file format will be my recording sent? Jpeg? Pdf? Txt?

The measurement results are sent a document containing a PDF file format.

Questions about compatibility

What smartphones or tablets can be used for the application?

In case of Android devices you’ll need Android Lollipop 5.0 or newer.

In case of Apple devices you’ll need iOS 8.1 or newer.

Can I use the application on tablets?

The application was optimized for smartphone’s screen, but you can also use it with tablets. Knowing this there might be small issues on the screen, but these won’t disturb any of the functions.

Questions about purchases

Where can I purchase WIWE?

You can order WIWE from our webshop. You’ll get it through courier service respective to your country.

You’ll get a confirmation e-mail containing your shipping details.

Can I purchase the device in shops? Where van I buy it personally?

At the moment the device cannot be purchased personally but only by ordering via our webshop. 

Will my insurance cover WIWE?

No, insurance won’t cover WIWE.

What kind of payment methods are there?

You can purchase the product with credit card.

Do I need a prescription to purchase WIWE?

No, you won’t need to get a prescription to purchase WIWE.

Questions by health experts

What is the connection between the state of the heart muscle and venticular heterogenity?

In our case ventricular heterogenity is the diversity of the ventricle’s heart muscle cells’ bioelectrical property. This heterogenity is present even in healthy cases as predetermined (basically tense connection between the cells). But, in pathological cases the heterogenity of the cells grow and the aligned working of the heart muscle cells becomes worse. This calls forth the lability of the bioelectrical phenomenons. This instability increases the risk for developing dangerous ventricular arrhythmias, hereby increasing the risk for Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

What clearances does WIWE have?

WIWE will have Class IIa CE mark as a medical device soon.

Getting the FDA clearance is in progress.

Can WIWE replace a 12-lead ECG?

No, WIWE records single-channel ECGs and is not intended to be a replacement for a 12-lead ECG.

What is the difference between sudden cardiac death and sudden cardiac arrest?

Sudden Cardiac Arrest is the unexpected stop of the beating of the heart. Because of this, the blood can’t reach the brain and other vital organs in the body. If this condition doesn’t get treated within minutes, it causes death, which is called Sudden Cardiac Death.

Is my patient's date safe?

The data recorded will be stored on the users smartphone or tablet.

Is there any kwown medical contraindications for the use of WIWE?

No, there are no known medical contraindications which could prohibit the use of WIWE.

Do I still need to see the doctor if I use WIWE?

Yes, you still need to see the doctor. WIWE can’t replace medical care, it enables you to check your hearts functioning. 

You will have the opportunity to make a recording with WIWE if you do not feel well and send it to your doctor rigth away or show him/her later.

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